Whistler is known for its wild ways and party hard lifestyle, while there is a time and a place for this, it creates many problem behaviors within the community that often go unaddressed. These include community norms favorable towards alcohol, binge drinking, drugs and poverty. LUNA serves to provide alternatives to the at risk population by hosting affordable, alcohol free, social events.

Since its inception in 2003, LUNA programming has contributed to a 20% reduction in alcohol related calls to the RCMP. LUNA hopes to continue to reduce the emphasis on alcohol related activities within the resort community by growing awareness and hosting more alternative events.


The LUNA program is only made possible by our very generous annual sponsors:

LUNA has been a municipal program since 2004; most of our funding comes from the RMOW. Generously donates $1000 per year as well as reusable bags to all members Funder since 2005. Rotary provides LUNA with $1,000 annually for our pool party and full moon snowshoeing.

Think you could help us out? We are always looking for sponsors for our special events, prizes and our ongoing discount program, as well as volunteering if you can contribute in any way, please contact us:



Platinum Sponsors: Provide Membership Discounts/Perks OR Sponsorships of over $500 annually










GOLD SPONSORS: Provide Sponsorships from $250 to $500 annually

Silver Sponsors up to $250